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Stylist & Image Consultant, DFW area, TX

Welcome to ChristalNicole’s Styling & Consulting! Specializing in personal image development and style. 

So, what does image development entail? I believe that a person's image begins from within and exudes on the outside. I offer services to assist with managing and expressing negative emotions such as stress and anger, self-esteem and personal image development and interpersonal communication and presentation assistance.  For your outward needs, I offer hairstyling, makeup and wardrobing services.

 My goal is to use all of the knowledge and skills that I have acquired to fulfill your signature style and image development needs.

makeup application- makeup artist in Dallas, TX

Need a Speaker for Your Event or Conference?

Experienced Speaker, Stylist, Skills Trainer, & Artist, Wrapped into One Woman & At Your Fingertips... 

A mother, author, speaker and more, ChristalNicole is a multifaceted woman of faith and determination, with a passion for helping others by empowering them with the tools to

recognize their strengths and build confidence. A graduate of NSU of Louisiana,

ChristalNicole has over 17 years of experience as a skills trainer, teaching anger/stress

management, life skills, and self-image development, to name a few. Her professional and

life experiences combine to assist her with the drive, boldness and heart to help others

understand that "Your Past Does Not Make You Unworthy of a Bright Future"


What are you waiting for? Contact me today!

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Styling & Consulting

8951 Collin Mckinney Pkwy #504

McKinney, TX, 75071

Inside Pamper Me Salon Spa


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