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Book- "Rhythms of the Heart"


Rhythms of the Heart Vol II

children's book cover


Children's Book- 

"Dirty Montgomery and the Odor Shadow"

Stylist/Skills Trainer

Offering Hair Styling, Sculpting & Color, Fashion Styling & Makeup Services; Also offering Anger/Stress Management, Interpersonal Communication & Life Skills Development & More...



Author/Speaker ChristalNicole


Talk Topics

"The Power of Positive Thinking"

Learning and Applying the

Practice of Positive Self-Talk

"You Are Worthy"

Embracing your Self-Worth &

Recognizing the Power You

Possess from Within

"It's Ok to Say Yes to You"

A Discussion about the

Importance/Benefits of Self-Care

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Looking for a speaker? Do you need a life coach? Been searching for a stylist/image consultant?

Maybe it's time to connect with ChristalNicole!

Simply fill out the form with your details, and allow me to share my knowledge and expertise with you. 

Based out of Texas. Willing to Travel.

The question is not "What Can She Do?" but "What Can't She Do?"

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